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Maple Valley is Hiring!

Come work with us in our wind-powered HQ in Cashton, Wisconsin and warm up every morning to the scent of hot maple syrup.

There's free organic Kickapoo coffee too.

As of March 28 2017, we have two open positions:

Customer Service & Shipping Manager - Full time M-F 8a-4p. Responsible for customer service management for our website and shipping/logistic management for our website and wholesale accounts. Details at https://goo.gl/CvyL95

Production assistant - part-time. Responsible for bottling, packaging and clean up. May require some basic computer skills. Ideal candidate is self-motivated, organized, has high quality standards, able to work long shifts on your feet, lift 50 plus pounds, and work flexible schedules. Experience with and knowledge of the organic food industry preferred. Experience with production also a plus. Must like REAL maple syrup! Details at https://goo.gl/CvyL95

Keep reading below and watch this video to learn a little about our multi-stakeholder cooperative.

Maple Valley: The Organic Maple Cooperative

Maple Valley's mission is to produce and market the finest organic maple syrup products with fair and sustainable methods while respecting our farmers, our customers, our vendors, our employees, the environment, and our communities.

Maple Valley, a pioneer in organic and fair practices for maple production, was founded in 1991, became a cooperative in 2007, and continues to produce 100% pure and organically produced maple products year after year. As a cooperative, we offer you a high-quality certified organic product free of additives, preservatives, and formaldehyde - and moreover, we bring you a socially responsible commodity. Geat effort has gone into selecting responsible, organically certified woodland farmers whose standards and practices represent stewardship to the environment and our planet.

Our main processing plant and offices are in Cashton, Wisconsin. Our farmer base encompasses the Great Lakes and the Appalachian region of the United States. We believe in family scale farming, fair wages for producers and employees, transparency, accountability, and sustainable fair business practices.

Good Business Practices

The only way for us to be in business is to offer you QUALITY. We do this by selecting those maple producers who pay great attention to the fine science of making maple syrup.
When mother nature says it's time to let the sap flow, a producer may spend weeks non-stop collecting, dumping, filtering and boiling the sap, measuring brix (sugar) content, rotating pans, checking and double checking temperature, draining off different grades, cleaning equipment, packaging syrup into containers, and many other tasks! The result for you is a very high value product that we feel deserves a fair price for both the producer and the user!

Our Farmers

Maple Valley considers every maple farmer and maple coop we do business with as an important alliance and take our pledge to give a sustainable pay price to our farmers very seriously. Every year we meet with our maple coop and individual farmers to determine a fair price. Because of this close relationship with our farmers, we are able to create high standards of quality and consistency. We hope you appreciate them as much as we do!

P6 Welcomes Maple Valley Cooperative as its newest wholesale member!
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See where your syrup comes from and meet the farmers that make it.

Maple Syrup harvest takes a lot more work than most people realize. Go behind the scenes with Jill, a friend of the farmers, and see what it takes to get ready for the season.

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Harvest Season
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