Wholesale & Bulk Organic Maple Syrup Products


with the high-quality maple syrup products sustainably produced by a cooperative with a conscience! Maple Valley carefully crafts the finest Maple Syrup available from our cooperative farmer members in small batches resulting in a delicious taste experience.

Not only do we provide our delicious, high-quality organic maple syrup products in quantities suited for individuals and families, we also serve retailers, distributors, companies, bakeries and restaurants with wholesale and bulk orders. We are able to ship by the case, pallet or container anywhere in the continental United States.



Five oz of Maple Valley Cooperative organic maple sugar
Dark and Robust Maple Valley Cooperative 1 quart Organic Maple Syrup product image
Five oz of Maple Valley Cooperative organic maple sugar

Grade A – Amber & Rich

Maple Syrup is drawn from woodland sap early in the season, is light golden amber in color and offers a smooth, buttery maple taste.


Grade A – Dark & Robust

Maple Syrup (formerly known as “Grade B”) is blended from sap later in the season, is dark amber-brown in color and has a robust, full-body maple taste.


Granulated Maple Sugar

Historically granulated maple sugar was favored among the Native American people for its flavor, ease of use and transport and its longevity. This is still true today and it’s why our sugar is a favored item of bakers and chefs. Since maple sugar is the result of all of the water being boiled out of the maple syrup, it is totally shelf-stable and can be stored at room temperature indefinitely with proper packaging.


We have syrup in both glass and BPA-free plastic containers in sizes from 8oz to 128oz and maple sugar in 5oz shakers as well as 1lb and 5lb bags.


We have maple syrup available in our convenient 3-gallon “Bag in Box” (shelf-stable), 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drum, and 275-gallon “Bag in Box” tote and maple sugar in a 40lb box.

Whether you operate as distributors, food processors, retailers, chefs, hotel or restaurant managers, or any other business function, you will find Maple Valley Cooperative a friendly, responsive, and fair partner for ordering and shipping wholesale maple syrup at the best price.

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