Tips for a successful master cleanse

What is the Master Cleanse?

The Lemonade Cleanse also called the Master Cleanse, is a liquid-only cleanse regime consisting of three things: a lemonade-like beverage, salt-water, and a senna-based herbal tea to aid your body’s natural elimination process.

Lemonade Recipe

Follow this recipe:

1. 2 Tbsp Organic Lemon or Lime Juice

2. 2 Tbsp Organic Maple Valley Syrup

3. 1/10 tsp Cayenne Pepper

4. 8 oz Spring or Purified Water

*** Drink 6 to 12 Glasses Per Day ***

Salt Flush Recipe

1. Add 2 level teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt to a full quart of lukewarm water. 

2. Drink the entire quart of salt water first thing in the morning. NOTE: This must be taken on an empty stomach. 

*** Several eliminations will likely occur during the next hour. If elimination does not occur, increase the amount of salt slightly. ***

Tips for a Successful Cleanse

  • 2 Tablespoons Maple Syrup per 8 oz glass for detox or weight loss
  • Minimum 6 glasses lemonade per day
  • Nightly herbal elimination tea such as Smooth Move® (included in kit)
  • Morning salt water flush (or plain warm water for a gentler flush)
  • Use organic ingredients and purified water. (Many purifiers will not take out fluoride, so buy bottled water if you have fluoride in your water.)
  • Water and Peppermint tea are the only other things to have while on the cleanse
  • Every time you get hungry, drink another lemonade!
  • Don’t leave home without your lemonade! If you go out for the day, pre-make your lemonade and take it with you, or take your ingredients and make it fresh at work if you can. Make sure you take enough.
  • Rest when you’re tired and your body says rest.
  • Cleanse with a group – it’s fun, and you’ve got support!


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