What Our Staff Learned From The Master Cleanse
What our staff learned when they tried the Master Cleanse

Some members of our staff have recently completed the Master Cleanse! We checked in with them to see what they learned from the Master Cleanse, and if they had any insight to share. Read on to see what pieces of new wisdom they learned!

Thinking of starting a cleanse yourself? Chat with your healthcare provider first, then check out our Master Cleanse Kits to get yourself set up for success!

“I learned that spicy lemonade tastes really good, even when you’re not cleansing!”
You can check out our cleansing maple lemonade recipe for a detoxing drink to enjoy anytime.

“Doing a cleanse is a good reset for my body, and it motivates me to continue to work on healthier habits after the cleanse.”
Our Master Cleanse Pinterest board has a bunch of inspiration for ways to detox your body and mind before, during, and after the Master Cleanse to help make those good habits stick!

“Cleansing is a good time for reflection and soul searching, not eating food frees up a lot of time and energy for self reflection!”
We love the idea of reflecting with a journal, writing prompts, or a great book during the Master Cleanse. Shifting the focus away from food is a great way to learn something new during your cleanse.

“Listen to your body when you cleanse, rest when you need to, and have good moderate activity when your body says “yes”!”
Getting in tune with your body is a great benefit of completing the Master Cleanse. Use this time of deeper listening to you body to help develop healthy rhythms you can carry beyond the duration of the cleanse!

“My sense of smell and mind definitely getter sharper when I cleanse!”
As your body focuses energy to different senses during your cleanse, try some new, natural scents around your home. We also love the idea of using your focused mind to explore creative new ideas!

Have you completed the Master Cleanse? What did you learn about yourself while you were cleansing?