40lb Organic Maple Sugar


Recipes that call for white or brown sugar?
Substitute with Maple Sugar!
Maple Sugar is less processed than other sugars so it contains essential minerals!

Substitute Maple Sugar in equal amounts by volume or weight.
Example: 1 cup of white sugar can be replaced by 1 cup of Maple Sugar

Historically, granulated Maple Sugar was favored among the Native American people for its flavor, ease of use and transport and its longevity.This is still true today and some of the reasons why Maple Valley Maple Sugar is a favored item especially amongst bakers, chefs and restaurants. Because Maple Sugar is the result of all of the water being boiled out of the maple syrup, it is totally shelf stable and can be stored at room temperature indefinitely with proper packaging.

Beyond baking, Maple Sugar can be used as a topping on cereal, fruit, ice cream or toast, in coffee, in the making of candy or anywhere other sugar would be used to add flavor or sweetness!