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~ Grade A Amber ~

Our Grade A Amber & Rich organic syrup has a smooth buttery maple taste and is light, golden-amber in color. It is crafted in small batches from sap harvested at the beginning of the maple season. It is a popular choice for table syrup, to use in coffee and tea, over ice cream, and in yogurt.​

~ Grade A Dark ~

Our Grade A Dark & Robust organic syrup is crafted in small batches from sap harvested later in the maple season. It is dark amber-brown in color and has a robust, full-body maple taste. Many people prefer to use it for table syrup, cooking, baking, marinades, and in the Master Cleanse.

~ Sugar & Candy ~

Historically granulated maple sugar was favored among the Native American people for its flavor, ease of use and transport, and its longevity. This is still true today and it’s why our sugar is a favored item of bakers and chefs. Since maple sugar is the result of all of the water is boiled out of the maple syrup, it is totally shelf-stable and can be stored at room temperature indefinitely with proper packaging.