64oz Amber & Rich


Our Amber Rich syrup has a smooth buttery maple flavor and is of lighter color, blended from sap harvested at the beginning of maple season. It is a popular choice for table syrup.

Be assured that our organic certification ensures biodiversity, health of the forest, and nutritious, 100% pure maple syrup.

Note: Due to shipping constraints, we are not able to offer case discounts at this time.

Maple Valley carefully crafts the finest maple syrup available from our cooperative farmer members in small batches resulting in a delicious taste experience. Our Grade A Amber & Rich Maple Syrup is drawn from woodland sap early in the season, is light golden amber in color and offers a smooth, buttery maple taste. Our Grade A Dark & Robust Maple Syrup (formerly known as “Grade B”) is blended from sap later in the season, is dark amber-brown in color and has a robust, full-body maple taste. Organic certification ensures biodiversity and health of the forest, and results in a pure, high-quality maple syrup.

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