12oz Squeeze Bottle, Dark & Robust


Easy squeezy! Our 12oz squeeze bottle is a handy companion for travel or for kids! Its convenient size is ideal for the refrigerator door and our mess-free, no-drip flip-top lid makes portion control easy. The BPA-free container is fully recyclable.

Our Grade A Dark & Robust syrup is blended from sap harvested toward the latter part of maple season. It is dark in color and has a deep robust maple flavor. Many folks prefer Dark & Robust for table syrup, baking, and the Master Cleanse.

Maple Valley Co-op is the leading supplier of organic maple syrup for the Master Cleanse. Organic certification ensures biodiversity, the health of the forest, and nutritious maple syrup.

Maple Syrup is drawn from woodland sap early in the season, is light golden amber in color and offers a smooth, buttery maple taste. Our Grade A Dark & Robust Maple Syrup is blended from sap later in the season, is dark amber-brown in color and has a robust, full-body maple taste. Organic certification ensures biodiversity and health of the forest, and results in a pure, high-quality maple syrup.

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