Master cleanse for detox

History of the Master Cleanse

In the 75 or so years since Stanley Burroughs first developed the Master Cleanse, thousands of people have used his simple technique to detoxify their digestive system. Stanley wrote a book in 1976, “The Master Cleanser” which outlines the recipe and reasons for doing this detoxifying cleanse. 

Essentially the Master Cleanse (also called the lemonade diet or lemon detox diet) is a juice and tea fast with a daily “saltwater flush.” Instead of food, you consume a mixture of purified water containing fresh-squeezed organic lemon juice, pure organic maple syrup, and organic cayenne pepper. You can do the cleanse for as little as 5 days, however, Stanley recommends a minimum of 10 days. According to Peter Glickman’s book, “The Master Cleanser,” this may be why: Days 2 and 3 are generally the worst because the body hasn’t yet switched to burning fat (scientifically call going into ketosis) and Day 7 is the first time old waste is eliminated. So five days may not be long enough to get the true benefits of the cleanse. There are also suggestions for getting ready for the cleanse and easing off the cleanse to help ensure your success!

With a Maple Valley Master Cleanse Kit, you provide the fresh lemons and purified/filtered water and we provide all the rest. You can choose to get a kit with or without Peter Glickman’s book, “The Master Cleanse Coach.” The book will be helpful and we also have lots of information here on our website.

Why Detox?

Many people desire to change their eating habits but have difficulty doing so. The Master Cleanse gives you an opportunity to make a change in your diet by giving you a break from your normal habits. Stanley Burroughs emphasizes that in order to obtain lasting benefits from the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet, following the cleanse a healthy diet should be maintained.

Detoxifying on the Master Cleanse

Stanley Burroughs first devised the Master Cleanse as a treatment for ulcers. Burroughs blamed most illnesses on the build-up of mucous and other wastes, including toxins from both the environment and an imbalanced diet. Burroughs designed the Master Cleanse to eliminate these toxins by dislodging them from the body through “lemonade cleanse”, juice fasting with a lemonade made from fresh squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper and an herbal elimination tea. The cleanse also includes facilitating the elimination of toxins in the body through salt-water flushing, or “the top-down enema.”

Which Maple Valley Organic Master Cleanse Lemonade Kit Is Right For You?

Whether your primary goal is detoxification or weight loss, Maple Valley Organic Master Cleanse Lemonade Kits contain almost everything you need to conduct a successful master cleanse. All you need to add to our kits are fresh organic lemons and purified/filtered water.

In outlining the master cleanse, Stanley Burroughs identifies the proper amounts of organic maple syrup to add to your fresh lemonade to achieve the desired results. Maple Valley Organic Master Cleanse Lemonade kits are built around these recommendations.

Most of your daily caloric intake during the core stage of the Master Cleanse comes from the organic maple syrup. If your primary goal is weight loss, then, you might think that the less maple syrup you add to the lemonade mixture, the faster the weight loss results you desire. But whether you use the recommended 2 tablespoons of syrup per glass or less, you will experience BOTH detoxification and weight loss. If you find that you are hungry during the fast, you can increase the amount of maple syrup in the lemonade mixture to combat your hunger cravings; you will still lose weight, and more importantly, stay on the cleanse for a successful result!

Remember, you must drink a minimum of six (6) 10-ounce glasses of lemonade each day, but are allowed to drink as many more as you desire. Note: While you can vary the amount of syrup in the master cleanse lemonade, DO NOT alter the amount of lemon in the recipe.

Use the chart below to determine which kit is right for you.

How long are you cleansing?

Days of cleanse**

Recommended Kit Size

3-5 days Quart Kit
5-10 days Half Gallon Kit
10-21 days Gallon kit
**Minimum number of days listed is for 12 glasses per day; maximum number of days is for 6 glasses per day
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Lemonade Kit

Tips for a Successful Cleanse

  • 2 Tablespoons Maple Syrup per 8 oz glass for detox or weight loss
  • Minimum 6 glasses lemonade per day
  • Nightly herbal elimination tea such as Smooth Move® (included in kit)
  • Morning salt water flush (or plain warm water for a gentler flush)
  • Use organic ingredients and purified water. (Many purifiers will not take out fluoride, so buy bottled water if you have fluoride in your water.)
  • Water and Peppermint tea are the only other things to have while on the cleanse
  • Every time you get hungry, drink another lemonade!
  • Don’t leave home without your lemonade! If you go out for the day, pre-make your lemonade and take it with you, or take your ingredients and make it fresh at work if you can. Make sure you take enough.
  • Rest when you’re tired and your body says rest.
  • Cleanse with a group – it’s fun, and you’ve got support!


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