Master Cleanse Detox: Maple Syrup Lemonade Regimen for Detox

In his 1976 book, The Master Cleanser, Stanley Burroughs wrote that he developed the Master Cleanse lemonade regimen to relieve the symptoms of a man who suffered from a stomach ulcer. His reported success in treating the ulcer led Burroughs to explore the Master Cleanse as an alternative healing protocol.

Burroughs believed that many foods increase both mucus and toxins in the body. The Master Cleanse is intended to help the body eliminate these impurities:

  • Fresh, organic lemon juice acts as a digestive detergent, helping to clear out mucus while providing valuable enzymes.
  • Organic cayenne pepper stimulates digestion and blood circulation.
  • Pure organic maple syrup provides calories and beneficial nutrients.

Many who try the Master Cleanse detox regimen say that their health, energy level, and sense of wellness improve after the fast.

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