Glass vs. Plastic Packaging

Glass vs plastic…

why do we carry both packaging options? The glass vs. plastic packaging debate is something to which we give great consideration. And you do too! We get asked about our packaging options frequently by our curious customers. It’s a great question! Since we get glass vs. plastic questions a lot, we thought it would be a good plan to discuss the answer in a blog post.

We carry both plastic and glass because we know that some people prefer one over the other. One of the biggest differences in our case is the shelf life, the shelf life for glass is three (3) years while for plastic it is two (2) years.  Our plastic is BPA free and recyclable, but we are aware of concerns regarding any type of plastic which is why we want to make sure that the glass is always an option for environmental, preference, and health reasons.

You can check out our full range of product and packaging options in our online store. And remember, we are always happy to answer any product questions via email, phone, or social media message. Keep the great questions coming!

Whether you prefer your 100% organic maple syrup to come in glass or plastic, it is always a great idea to recycle or reuse our bottles. We’ve created a Pinterest board dedicated to inspiration for reusing our packaging. Check it out here! We have included craft ideas, storage ideas, garden ideas (maple syrup bottle birdhouse, anyone?), and more!

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Do you prefer glass or plastic bottles for your maple syrup? Why? Answer in the comments below!