Guest Post: Healthy Desserts to Eat During Pregnancy

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Healthy Desserts to Eat During Pregnancy

Food cravings and pregnancy go hand-in-hand. You must have heard friends, relatives who have been pregnant crave for certain kinds of foods. My mother used to tell me how she would only like eating ice-cream when she was pregnant with me. The pattern of these cravings has always leaned towards the sweeter foods and treats. Now you can’t reason with your cravings. However, there are different ways of substituting your sweet treats with healthy food options. In this article, I will list healthy substitutes to satiate your cravings and help pack in essential nutrients for you and your baby.


Fruits are the next best alternative to a sweet dessert. With their natural and compound sugar form, they are nutrient powerhouses and help you gain a lot of antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and vitamins. Apart from these, they also help maintain blood pressure, diabetes, and aging. According to What To Expect, “opt for low-sugar, nutrient-packed fruits such as peaches, raspberries, grapefruit, kiwi, strawberries, oranges, watermelon, and blackberries. All these fruits also contain tons of vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants and some fiber.” Make it interesting by adding fruits to yogurt for a healthy snack or dip it in chocolate for a fun dessert.

Dark Chocolate

As we have already mentioned the C-word, let’s dive directly into the nutritional facts of chocolate and how much is healthy for pregnant women. Evidence shows that eating chocolate during pregnancy can considerably lower the risk of preeclampsia. Prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate as they are high on antioxidants. However, chocolates have caffeine content and a pregnant woman only needs 200 mg a day. So thoroughly research the product for caffeine and sugar content before consumption. Remember moderation is the key and you don’t want to spoil your appetite for healthy food. Avoid chocolates if you have been advised by your doctor or have gestational diabetes.

Maple Syrup

Make your sweet cravings healthier by adding maple syrup instead of sugar. Maple syrup is a simple carbohydrate source and is high on calories. However, compared to sugar which has sucrose and fructose, it contains nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals. Make it your preferred sweetener during your pregnancy. As mentioned earlier it is a simple form of carbohydrate, try and use organic options to cut out any risk
of artificial sweeteners. Complex carbohydrates are the best option to power your body and can be obtained in foods like fruits, bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta. So, reduce the use of simple carbohydrates for cravings and indulge in a wholesome meal to nourish your body for both the baby and you.


Yogurt is beneficial for pregnant women as it is packed with calcium compared to other dairy products. Their probiotic nature helps in digestion and can be consumed by women with lactose intolerance as well. Apart from this adding probiotic supplements to your diet during pregnancy can help keep complications like gestational diabetes, allergies, vaginal infections, and preeclampsia, at bay. With many advantages’ yogurt becomes a great substitute for your sweet cravings. Make flavored frozen yogurt at home with fresh fruits and have it as an evening snack or for breakfast. Add your favorite toppings to the frozen yogurt and enjoy a healthy sundae.

Baked Treats

Freshly baked muffins or your favorite cookies could be a great treat for your pregnancy cravings. While these baked treats can be good for your taste but might not be healthy due to the ingredients like sugar or butter. However, baking at home can allow you to substitute ingredients with healthier options. Use whole-wheat or multigrain instead of refined flour or replace sugar with maple syrup or honey and make it a healthy snack. Another great option is the angel-food cake, prepared with egg whites, cream of tartar, flour and sugar. This light cake can be accompanied by ice-cream or fresh fruits for a perfect and healthy dessert.

Chocolate Coated Nuts

Chocolate coated nuts are a perfect light snack to munch while reading or watching something. The combination of taste and healthy nutrients makes it a go-to snack during pregnancy. The antioxidant-rich dark chocolate combined with protein and healthy fats of the nuts makes it a great snack. Keep the portions in check as the calories and fat can lead to gaining weight. You can also stock up on granola bars of your choice to snack when cravings hit. With many flavor options and healthy ingredients, these will perfectly replace your sugary treats.

As mentioned earlier, moderation is the key to eating healthy. Indulge in cravings but substitute for healthier options according to your daily intake and nutrition requirement. Consult your doctor regularly to keep your health in check. And remember you don’t have to completely stop eating junk, but don’t make it a regular habit. Eat Well, Stay Healthy!