Customer Corner: Co-op Partners Warehouse

We are happy to present our latest edition of Customer Corner featuring Co-op Partners Warehouse. Located in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, they are one of our Midwest distributors. We asked them about their inspiring mission and story and are pleased to share what they had to say. Read on to find out more and be sure to check out their website, & Facebook page!

About us

Co-op Partners Warehouse is a distributor of organic produce, dairy, and grocery servicing retail co-ops, natural food stores, educational institutions, and restaurants in the Upper Midwest. We are a locally owned distributor and incorporated as a Minnesota cooperative.

On any given day, you will find 300-350 organic fresh produce items stocked in our St. Paul warehouse. Our close relationships with local producers began with produce but now encompass all of our product lines. We are proud to represent products from regional family businesses, including fresh chevre, organic kombucha, organic dairy items, and gluten-free baked goods.

Co-op Partners Warehouse Local Root Vegetables

Partnering with NCG, Wedge Commissary, and select local processors, we are able to offer an extensive line of healthful deli salads, as well as frozen cookie dough and heat and serve items.

Through an innovative producer-direct program called cross-docking, Co-op Partners is able to deliver many products direct from the producer, including Fair Trade coffee, tea, and chocolate, natural pork and poultry, and Middle-Eastern deli products. This energy-efficient distribution method insures maximum freshness on very perishable items and allows retail and restaurant customers to retain a direct relationship with the producer.

We’ve been delivering cooperative values since 1999.

Co-op Partners Warehouse Local Produce

Co-op Partners’ Mission Statement:

Co-op Partners is committed to fostering sustainable farming practices and organic agriculture by supporting local producers, small farmers, and family farms. In locating sources for our products, we actively seek out local producers and quality conscious growers who exhibit commitment to the land and organic principles. We are dedicated to offering unique items with their “grower personalities” included.

As the organic industry evolves and expands, Co-op Partners continues to reaffirm our loyalty to the pioneering growers who forged the current demand for organics and are its active, visible proponents.

Co-op Partners Warehouse Local Tomatillo