Customer Corner: SAKU Tea

It’s Customer Corner time again Maple Lovers! Today we are featuring SAKU Tea based in Bellingham, WA. You are sure to love their colorful healthy tea blends! Make sure to check out their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest.

SAKU customers enjoying some tea


SAKU’s mission is to bring health and happiness to people everywhere by creating a distinctive line of exceptionally pure, deliciously blended and potently nutritious superfood blends. We’ve spent years balancing the flavors & are devoted to using only pure, organic, consciously-sourced & highest quality ingredients. In fact, every ingredient in every blend has a health benefit.

SAKU was born out of our love for the art of living slowly, joyously and beautifully. A SAKU latte is a chance to enjoy uninterrupted time with each other, enter into your personal inner world or to engage in creative work. By honoring ancient traditional wisdom while embracing the modern world, we bring you a line of truly whole and unique beverage blends which are honest, organic, phenomenally healthy and absolutely delicious. Nourish your body and feed your soul … BE SAKU™

SAKU's Founders

SAKU is owned & operated by two international couples from 3 different continents and began as a six-foot tea bar in our friend Chelsea’s gallery. All we had was burning enthusiasm, a small selection of world-class teas and a few tea lattes. Our traditional golden milk – “Bellingham Gold” – made with pure, organic spices and local honey quickly became the most popular drink (now known as our “Golden Chai”). People started asking to take it home, so we spent the next year balancing flavors and sourcing the purest ingredients for a total of six blends based on TURMERIC, MATCHA & BEETROOT. Since then, we’ve survived a Kickstarter Project, sold the tea bar, attended wholesale and retail shows, & built a mixing facility to serve the ever-increasing demand for our SAKU SUPERFOOD BLENDS!

Three colorful options

As a company, we have four core goals:

  1. Create the finest wellness blends on the planet.
  2. Be good to the planet and its people while building a thriving business.
  3. Love and care for our customers and partners by making sure we uphold our mission and goals every day.
  4. Make sure SAKU is the best place to work, where people thrive, have fun and make a meaningful contribution to the world.

We have been creating partnerships with many coffee shops who are having a lot of success serving our blends. They have many health benefits and can be served hot or iced. You can still have your coffee in the morning, and switch over to a wellness latte in the afternoon.

Golden Chai

Our best selling drink is Golden Chai. It features the power of turmeric and a perfectly balanced mixture of fragrant spices. Turmeric is savory, delicious and highly revered as a potent herb. Ginger adds a gentle, warming kick. It is organic, GMO-free, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant rich, anti-aging, it boosts cardiovascular & brain health, and it is vegan, & free of sugar, soy, or gluten.

Vanilla Maple Jade Blend

Fans of Maple Valley will enjoy our Vanilla Maple Jade blend! It features the rich, nutrient-dense flavors of matcha, maple syrup, and coconut. Made with real vanilla, this latte blend is irresistible. It’s ideal for getting going in the morning or as an afternoon boost! Like our other blends, it is organic, GMO-free, anti-oxidant rich, vegan, & free of soy, gluten, & refined sugar. It is a mildly caffeinated metabolism booster, yet is calming for focused energy.

Our offerings

Check out our list of partners to see where SAKU Tea is served near you!