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Master Cleanse Guidebooks

The Master Cleanser is the original set of instructions for the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet by the creator of the master cleanse, Stanley Burroughs. The other guidebooks that we sell cover all the material in the original book and more. They are up-to-date and contemporary and give you all the information you need to have a successful Master Cleanse.

All of our master cleanse guidebooks can be purchased separately or can be included in any Maple Valley Master Cleanse Kit. Click on an image below to read more and/or purchase.

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The Master Cleanser Book by Stanley Burroughs Detox - The Master Cleanse Diet by Nancy N Wilson The Master Cleanse Coach by Peter Glickman

The Master Cleanser: Original Edition The Master Cleanser diet, otherwise known as the lemonade diet, has been around close to 50 years. It's the easiest, most delicious, effective cleansing and weight loss diet available. You can feel good and get rid of what ails you. This diet has been used for many health problems with great success.

DETOX - The Master Cleanse Diet was written for anyone who focuses on taking care of his or her body and is always interested in diets, techniques and practices that promote good health. This cleansing process is used and recommended by thousands of people, which is proof that it works and is safe as long as you follow the proper steps. Part One provides an overview of what is meant by the master cleanse process and exactly what is involved. Part Two provides step-by-step instructions for the diet so you will be clear about what to do and what to expect. It also discusses the actual cleansing process (the detox), so there will be no mystery in what is happening to your body if you undertake the cleanse.

The Master Cleanse Coach is Peter Glickman's second book about the Master Cleanse. According to Glickman, the average person who completes a 10-day Master Cleanse inspires at least three more people to do it. He wrote this book to answer your questions and those of your friends.

The Complete Master Cleanse by Tom Woloshyn

A Step-by-Step Guide to Maximizing the Benefits of the Lemonade Diet

Much has been learned about detoxing since the Master Cleanse was first developed over 50 years ago. This up-to-date book explains clearly how and why cleansing with the Lemonade Diet can improve all aspects of your personal health. Tom Woloshyn was a student and friend of the late Stanley Burroughs, originator of the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet.

Note: This book can also be included in any Maple Valley Master Cleanse Kit.