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Producer Member Requirements:

  • Purchase Lifetime Membership - 1 share of Class A stock in Maple Valley Cooperative;
  • Purchase 9 shares of Class B preferred stock in Maple Valley Cooperative;
  • Receive USDA accredited Organic Certification;
  • Agree to guidelines for quantity, and quality production standards for taste, brix and syrup cleanliness as defined by the management of the co-op;
  • Sign a membership agreement;
  • Be in good financial standing with the co-op;
  • Producer Member Benefits:

  • Ownership in a democratic business;
  • Year-to-year stable and fair prices;
  • Producer participation in establishing pay price;
  • Equity stake in a well-recognized organic maple syrup brand (Maple Valley) via bulk maple syrup sales;
  • Educational and information sharing to develop and improve maple production;
  • Resource sharing of equipment and supply purchasing;
  • Ability to buy and sell syrup within a membership that stretches from Quebec, Northeast U.S. and the Great Lakes region;
  • Equity contribution of Class B Preferred Stock;
  • Class B Preferred Stock earns a 6.5% annual dividend;
  • Opportunity to invest in additional preferred stock;
  • Vote in annual Maple Valley Cooperative elections;
  • Future patronage is based on total 3 year volume of sales to the co-op.
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    Peachtree Quantity: 1
    Peachtree Account: 32200

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    As a producer of the Organic Maple Cooperative you will build an ownership stake in the Maple Valley brand. The mission of Maple Valley is to return a fair price to producers year after year. The Organic Maple Cooperative business model annually determines a predictable and fair price for the producer and then operates the business on a margin that supports brand development and sales of our maple syrup. Our producers sustainably tap anywhere between 100 to 50,000 taps. The opportunity for sales through the Organic Maple Cooperative is best for those producers who do not have stable markets for their bulk syrup. Another strength of our cooperative is the ability of our members to source additional syrup from other members at a minimal cost. For those smaller producers, we offer a strong network of experienced producers and technical support to grow your production and sell your maple syrup in the best market channels available to you.

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    The Organic Maple Cooperative
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    Cashton, WI 54619
    Phone: 608-654- 7319  •  Fax: 608-654-7332

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