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The Master Cleanse Rocks!!!

The Master Cleanse ROCKS! It has been a part of my wife's and my quarterly routine for over 3 years now. At 57 and 64, we are no spring chickens. I had done juice fasts in the past and was a vegetarian for 40 years. But it was something new to my wife. When we found out about the Master Cleanse through Stanley Burroughs’ book: Healing in an Age of Enlightenment, we got really excited about trying the cleanse.

The third day of the first cleanse, my wife felt tired and rundown, but now her body’s so used to it, she breezes through all the days with no issues. She also found over subsequent cleanses that she had to drink less salt water because with a petite body type, the 20 oz. of warm salt water made her sick to her stomach. She also only does the salt water bath every other day instead of every day.

The first time we did the cleanse, we only did 5 days. The second time, 7 days, on up to the full 10 days. Every change of seasons, I used to get nasty allergy attacks with post-nasal drip, hacking cough, watery eyes, bloody nose, etc. Since clearing my body of excess mucus (caused by bread, cheese, etc.), my allergies are a distant memory. Both my wife and I have seen our tongues clear up more quickly as our bodies adjust to the cleanse. I am not a coffee drinker, but my wife, who is half-Dominican, loved her coffee – but since doing the master cleanse, has found it easier to leave the coffee alone more often than not—and now only occasionally indulges.

She and I both have energy to burn and exercise religiously during the Master Cleanse. We both love Yoga, and I have a rebounder that I hit five times a week. We have great [intimacy] on the Master Cleanse! We sleep very deeply while on the cleanse, and the discipline required to stay on the cleanse has benefited us in other areas of our lives. We typically are asleep by 9:30-10 – but on the Master Cleanse, we can stay up and alert until 11-11:30pm.

I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and have had back, neck and shoulder pain for the past 15 years. As the Master Cleanse works, I find it easier to manage the pain. We also notice that on the Master Cleanse, we don’t get sick as often as our non-cleansing friends do – so apparently the cleanse helps raise our immune systems, and we never get flu shots! We also recover quicker from injuries, as keeping the detox action going seems to give our bodies a boost in their repair mechanisms.

We both love to drink good wine and eat good food. It’s refreshing to feel our bodies getting a break from the ‘healthy poisons’ in life (not to mention the absence of all those dishes I don’t have to wash following my wife’s good cooking!). We both find it easier to work in a day of ‘mini-cleansing’ once a week with fresh squeezed vegetable and fruit juices.

I recently discovered I love to paint and the Master Cleanse helps tremendously with my creativity. My wife loves to write, and finds when she’s on the master cleanse, she can focus easier and finish projects with minimal energy.

My wife and I then learned about the power of essential oils and have been combining them with the lemonade and reaping the benefits of supporting the liver, kidneys and other organs during the cleanse.

My wife has lost 26 pounds so far and is looking forward to losing another 20. She has always had yo-yo weight loss/weight gain over the 14 years we’ve been together; with the Master Cleanse, she says she craves sugar and carbs less than ever in her life!

We have discovered a whole new healthy lifestyle with the incredible benefits the Master Cleanse offers.

Cedrick, 11/04/2013

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