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Submit qualifying recipes and receive a coupon and a Lifetime Membership...

Submit a Maple Recipe via this form and receive a one-time use coupon for 20% off any amount and combination of Grade A and Grade B Maple Syrup products. LIMIT one coupon per person per month.

Submit 3 qualifying (see criteria below) recipes and also receive a Lifetime Membership in The Organic Maple Cooperative. We will review your submission within 15 days and let you know if we can use it and if we need additional information. If qualified we will set your Maple Valley account to MEMBER status which will give you a LIFETIME 5% MEMBER DISCOUNT on all products.

Don't yet have a Maple Valley account? Click here to set one up.

Please fill out all fields in the form below before submitting your recipe. Submit each recipe separately.


  • All recipes must have Organic Maple Syrup as a major ingredient.

  • All ingredients must be able to be purchased as Organic.

  • If submitting 3 recipes for a lifetime membership, one recipe must be original.

  • No more then two of the three recipes can be in the same category (for example, if submitting recipes for two salad dressings then the third recipe must be an entrĂ©e, drink, dessert, etc.)
Full Name (will be confidential)
Alias (to be used if we publish your recipe(s) on our website or in our newsletter):
E-mail (REQUIRED for sending you a coupon. Use the same email that your Maple Valley account is listed under, create an account if you don't have one:)
Location (City,State, Country - to be used if we publish your your recipe(s) on our website or in our newsletter):
Number of Recipes you have previously submitted:
Recipe Category:

Other Recipe Category:
Source of Recipe (Is your recipe original or from a publication or adapted from a published recipe? If not original, please provide the source and indicate if it is adapted):
Name of Recipe:
Prep Time:
Cook Time:
Number of Servings:
Prep and Cooking Instructions:
Tell Us a Story About this Recipe:
Please enter the following code into the box provided:


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