Lifetime Membership in Maple Valley Cooperative


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Lifetime Membership

Become an owner! The Organic Maple Cooperative offers a lifetime membership for $25.00. This purchases one share of Class A membership stock.

Member benefits include 5% discount on all purchases at (shipping excluded), special member-only promotions, and a share of ownership in a democratically-run, cooperative business. Future patronage is based on total purchases. Lifetime members also have the opportunity become voting members by investing in our cooperative preferred stock.

  • Ownership in a democratically-run business;
  • Participate in member-only promotions;
  • Receive 5% discount off regular price on all products (shipping excluded);
  • Opportunity to invest in preferred stock dividend (currently at 6.5% APY);
  • Future patronage is based on total purchases.
1 Share Class A Stock $25.00



Five Reasons to invest in Maple Valley Cooperative:

  1. It's a Cooperative.
  2. Support family farmers who are committed to sustainable practices.
  3. We offer fair prices.
  4. Our entire line is certified organic.
  5. We have amazing products!

One annual purchase is required to keep your Class A membership stock active.

Want to Become A Voting Member?

Maple Valley offers several classes of voting membership for our customers, trade partners, employees, and sustainability-minded investors. Voting members invest at a higher level and earn an annual dividend (currently 6.5%) on their stock, in addition to standard lifetime member benefits. Learn more here.