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Detox - The Master Cleanse Diet by Nancy N Wilson

Detox - The Master Cleanse Diet by Nancy N Wilson

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DETOX - The Master Cleanse Diet was written for anyone who focuses on taking care of his or her body and is always interested in diets, techniques and practices that promote good health. This cleansing process is used and recommended by thousands of people, which is proof that it works and is safe as long as you follow the proper steps. Part One provides an overview of what is meant by the master cleanse process and exactly what is involved. Part Two provides step-by-step instructions for the diet so you will be clear about what to do and what to expect. It also discusses the actual cleansing process (the detox), so there will be no mystery in what is happening to your body if you undertake the cleanse.

DETOX - The Master Cleanse Diet CONTENTS:

    Part One: OVERVIEW

  • The Path to a Healthier Body
  • Why Detox Your Body
  • The Master Cleanse Diet
  • The Structure of the Master Cleanse Diet
  • Part Two: DETOX

  • Benefits of the Master Cleanse Process
  • The Diet is NOT for Everyone
  • Using the Master Cleanse Diet for the First Time
  • Potential Side Effects
  • What You Will Need
  • Phase One: The Preparation
    • Steps of Phase One: The Preparation
    • Day One:
    • Day Two:
    • Day Three:
    • Vegetable Broth Recipe
  • Phase Two: The Cleansing
    • The Cleansing Diet
    • How Much to Drink Per Day
    • Hunger - The Biggest Challenge
    • The Diet Can Bring Out the Best and the Worst in You
    • Detoxification Vs. Weight Loss
    • The Rebound Effect
    • Flushing the System
    • The Saltwater Flush
    • Body Reactions to the Flush
    • Tips on Using the Saltwater Flush
    • The "Gas" Factor
    • Summary
  • Phase Three: The Ending
    • A Reversal of the Preparation Phase
    • Day One:
    • Day Two:
    • Day Three:
    • Day Four:
    • Day Five:
    • Vegetable Soup Recipe
  • Tips to Help You Complete the Diet
  • Additional Information
    • What to Expect During the Seven/Ten Day Cleanse
    • Alternate Choice If You Cannot Handle Cayenne Pepper
    • Managing the Hunger
    • What to Do If the Hunger Makes You Crazy
    • No Extreme Cheating Allowed
    • Multivitamins and the Master Cleanse Diet
    • Medications and the Master Cleanse Diet
    • Cigarettes, Drugs or Alcohol During the Master Cleanse Diet
    • When to Repeat the Master Cleanse Diet
    • The Master Cleanse Stack
    • Handling the Strong Salt Flavor in the Saltwater Flush
    • The Expelled Waste During the Flushing Process
    • Losing Weight with the Master Cleanse Diet
  • About the Author
  • Other Books by This Author
  • Appendix: USDA Food Intake Guidelines
  • References

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