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Maple Valley Cooperative
Organic Maple Syrup. Sweet.

The Organic Maple Cooperative Maple Valley Products

Maple Valley Cooperative produces a full line of 100% pure, certified organic maple products: Grade A and Grade B maple syrup, maple candy, maple sugar, and maple cream. Our certified organic maple producer members are small to mid-sized family farms in the United States. See all Maple Valley products.

The Organic Maple Cooperative Maple Valley Products

Autumn Harvest: Make it with Maple

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Do the Master Cleanse
Lemonade Diet
with Maple Valley
Maple Valley employees with newly bottled organic maple syrup

The Master Cleanse, aka Lemonade Diet, was developed by Stanley Burroughs more than 70 years ago. Since then, thousands of people have adopted it as a method to lose weight and to rid the body of harmful toxins.

Maple Valley Master Cleanse Kits

In his 1976 book, The Master Cleanser, outlining the master cleanse lemonade diet, Stanley Burroughs recommends organic Grade B maple syrup from Maple Valley Co-op (formerly Maple River Valley) as the best kind of syrup for the cleanse. To learn more about the master cleanse lemonade diet and our certified organic maple syrup, or to purchase a master cleanse kit for the detox or weight-loss lemonade diet, check out our Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet section.

Maple Valley believes in co-ops -
because we are one!

Maple Valley Maple Men: Organic Maple Cooperative Farmers
photo credit: Deann Horack

In 2007 we created a co-op with four classes of membership: Producers, Customers, Investors and Employees. Maple Valley decided to create a co-op representing all of our stakeholders as a way to leverage the strength of our producer base, our outstanding employee knowledge and our strong customer following and to represent investors who believe in cooperatives as a socially responsible investment vehicle.

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Maple Syrup as Superfood: Sweet Support for Your Immune System

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The Organic Maple Cooperative Maple Valley Products 

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